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Don't go a day without electricity.

Don't get left in the dark - get a generator today!

Whether you are looking for a large generator to power your business or a portable generator for RV travel, we've got the equipment to give you power no matter when or where you need it. You can get the quality generator you want with us, as we are a registered "Generac" equipment dealer.

Cost-efficient generators just for you.



Fully licensed and insured.


Make sure you have a back-up plan for when the power goes out at your home or business. Rely on our extensive electrical experience to help you choose a generator that's right for you.

No storm or power outage is a match for our durable and efficient generators.

Call us today to learn how you can back-up your power.

Keep power on your property at all times with our reliable generators. Need additional lighting help? Visit our Electrical Services or Ariel Sign Lighting page to learn more.

Generac home standby 7kW CorePower